March 9, 2018

I’ve been to a lot of gorgeous restaurants. It is almost impossible to create an atmosphere which makes the restless want to linger, no matter how beautiful the premises. I was at 3 Michelin star Restaurant Geranium the longest I’ve been at any restaurant in my life (3.5 hours, 16 courses) but honestly, I could have stayed the entire afternoon.

Quite simply, there’s no way to get bored – with ensconced tables presiding over expansive views of the park, exhilarating proximity to the open-plan kitchen (theatre in itself), different chefs serving every fresh course (each time a new face) and dishes which arrive with military precision, eliminating pointless waiting.

Time is further suspended at Geranium with a personal tour of the premises including private dining area, wine cellar and the meat drying room, with the added chance to say a quick hello to each chef; to see first hand the pride and scrupulousness with which the work is carried out.

Marring the experience slightly was an obnoxious diner on the table opposite mine. He was everything I despise about affluent entitledness, which can be rife at such places. He saw me eating alone which I think threw him.

He then noticed me taking pictures of the food, which he audibly made fun of to the staff. No doubt I don’t pay money to go to restaurants to be ridiculed and I do think the situation could have been handled better. Suffice to say I managed not to whack him in the balls as I left (can you imagine the scene? 🙆‍♀️) .

Utopia to me is this: A world of #cuisine so relentless, yet so delicate that it unfurls with each flavour a new layer of discovery. Soothing surroundings, where everyone is equal – there is neither ego nor judgement.

I was able to experience this for a short time at Geranium, which left me hopeful that I could continue to pay it forward into real life – despite the presence of those who irk.

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