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17.5 million views on Zomato!

So proud to announce some recent stats – almost 17.5 million on Zomato and growing.

It’s fantastic to see so many people around the world taking an avid interest in experiencing all kinds of interesting cuisine, whether it’s experimenting in cooking at home or dining out.

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This Model Eats A Lot came about as a form of rebellion – I was tired of being told I couldn’t eat in order to be thin, and that I had to survive on a diet of cigarettes and coffee (of which I do neither). I was also insanely jealous of the judges on Masterchef Australia – I wanted their job as well as my own; to have my cake and eat it too (laaaaaame.)

I set out on a mission to find the world’s most delicious dishes at the most interesting restaurants; all of which had one thing in common – fresh, high quality produce, a great vibe and friendly service.

Some of the restaurants reviewed miss the mark here and there, and I have recorded these experiences both on the website and Zomato. I genuinely want the best for each restaurant and have tried to state facts objectively and make suggestions on improvements rather than making personal attacks.

I enjoy challenging the notion that models do not eat by pushing the boundaries with my reviews and tasting as many dishes as I possibly can. It is possible to eat what you want and still be in shape (and even model!).

The key to balance is moderation – when not reviewing, I have five light meals throughout the day and exercise up to four times a week. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as I love tasting and writing them.

Thankyou to all the Zomato food lovers out there – tonight’s dinner is on me!

You can subscribe to the YouTube series here – I even do funny videos sometimes. Looking forward to hearing from you.




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