Desi Feminist shirts

Have you ever been told to keep quiet, to be obedient, be a good girl, to not have an opinion and not draw attention to yourself with the way you look and dress?

Has your complexion/weight/sexuality/personality/hobbies/interests/sexual experience ever been an issue for aunties, uncles, ‘friends’ or family?

Desi Feminist shirts

Who started this?
Desi Feminist Shirts was founded incidentally, by an Australian Desi feminist (nooooo, really?) with a penchant for fierceness and a passion for motivating others on How To Be A Queen. 

Julia Datt (aka This Model Eats A Lot) has been a sassy, inspiring presence on Tiktok, however jarring life experiences at university and the steady stream of misogynistic, colourist, body & slut shaming Tiktok comments made on the regular by other Desi folk (oh those uncles and aunties!) led her to create this line of Desi feminist shirts in Hinglish (a mix of Hindi and English).

desi feminist shirts


The Collection

The collection challenges traditional South Asian expectations that Indian women have only three functions – to be married off as soon as possible, become a domestic slave and to bear children. 

The shirts are fun, fearless and standing up for basic human rights in following your dreams and choosing your OWN life – however that may look – be it deciding to become your own CEO,  solo travel, wear a bikini, have boyfriend(s), come out of the closet, or simply choose not to marry or have children. 

Now GO OUT AND EXUDE that Desi Feminist energy….



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