Body Neutrality: Detach From Your Looks

I think every single girl has struggled with image issues at some point in her life.

Modelling makes this a hundred times worse. The most beautiful girls I know are usually the most insecure because the world has rammed it home that their trump card is their appearance.

This is where Body Neutrality comes in! We can either choose to buy into this or we can take measures to break the cycle.

Body Neutrality is the concept that you don’t exist to impress the world with your looks and it’s not your responsibility to try to look beautiful or appeal to society as a woman. 

A step by step process to empower yourself in 6 months:

Look in the mirror only once a day while getting ready in the morning (unless heading out that night!) ????????‍♀️

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Wear makeup only a few times a month (This can be tricky at first so wean yourself off it gradually. I usually blow-dry my hair to stay looking ‘groomed’ but figure out what works for you). ????????‍♀️

Body Neutrality isn’t an all or nothing exercise – it’s about limiting the importance of looks rather than completely negating it. 

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It’s all in your attitude!! If you THINK you look bad, it will show in your face and body. You’ll only pose on the right side and all your pictures will be boring.

And don’t let anyone enforce their opinion on your looks – be FIERCELY protective of being nice to yourself.

Thanks Susan, move along. ????????‍♀️

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Stop taking “pretty” selfies all the time. This is a big part of Body Neutrality, because your face is your face, your nose is made for smelling (not looking ‘perfect’) your mouth is made for talking and eating, not to be symmetrical…

Be willing to make yourself look silly. If you can laugh at the thing that scares you the most, it loses its power. Stick kale in your teeth and pull funny faces.

No-one has to see these pics but you (and your bff) ????

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Try everything under the sun until you find your hobby/talent.

Then make THAT your defining characteristic. ????????‍????

TELL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS THEY ARE WONDERFUL. Be in a mutual cycle of endless support and admiration.

Find at least one person who nourishes you (even if it’s your hairdresser).

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Pay it forward! Don’t tell little girls they look pretty as a first option (it all starts here!). Instead, use words like ‘resilient’ and ‘determined’.

Compliment their skills. 

You’ve got this, Queen!


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