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In between embarking on some exciting animal-related adventures, we got stuck into the food in the Bahamas – specifically Nassau.

The main speciality is conch (sea snails) which I didn’t have the stomach to try.

conch shell

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Another interesting spanner in the works is that my best friend is vegetarian.

This meant finding food in the Bahamas that we could both eat at the same time was impossible and finding food in general for her to eat was always a challenge.

georgetown bahamas

We really explored a lot of Nassau by foot.

We wanted an authentic Bahamian experience so rather than staying in a fancy resort, opted for a traditional hotel which was more than adequate, in a central location and steeped in history.

bahamas hotel

Making friends with the locals

cigars bahamas

Oh, and some cigars at wholesale… hehe.

We ambled along the beach til we got to Sonia’s Jerk Chicken shack. This is another speciality of the Caribbean and one I was not about to miss out on.

The smell of barbeque was driving us both crazy in different ways.

But the warrior she is, my bestie sat there and watched me polish off a large hunk of spicy pork, for the grand old price of $12.

We ended up going back to the same places we ate that day again as we weren’t sure where we’d find vegetarian and BBQ jerk in close proximity!

The restaurant which suited her was ironically named Twin Brothers Steakhouse.

While she chowed down, I sampled her dacquiri which was almost entirely alcohol.

twin brothers seafood steakhouse bahamas

One day while walking the beach, we were greeted by some adorable local kids who hugged us to say hi.

Their innocence and complete trust in us as strangers was one of the most endearing scenes to witness.

bahamas locals

The other restaurant – Blu on the Water Yacht Club we went to was highly rated – probably for its views – but didn’t seem all that impressive for food in the Bahamas.

A prime example of how different the food in the Bahamas can be from one place to another – the ‘jerk chicken’ was over-battered fried chicken drizzled in sweet chilli sauce.

food bahamas

I suppose the really top restaurants are at the flashy Atlantis resort, however we also checked out the small village that catered to expats.
Completely unexpectedly, we came across a bar that was an ENTIRE PIRATE SHIP. NOT KIDDING.

There weren’t many people on it, so we just had the entire upper deck to ourselves!

Pirate ship bar Nassau

The food was a disappointing mish mash of burgers, steaks and Chinese food – not all that authentic, unfortunately.

Nassau Bahamas

If you are going to Nassau, I recommend Sonia’s Jerk Chicken for the experience of sitting out in the sun on picnic benches, basking in Sonia’s hospitable warmth.

The only warning is: be prepared to feel that spice at the other end tomorrow!

The Bahamas

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