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This Model Eats A Lot was just featured in luxury travel magazine, Beau Monde Traveler, which is the baby sibling of luxury travel magazine maven Just Luxe.

I chatted with Meghna Amin about pretty much everything! We went briefly into life as a model in Mumbai, activism, body neutrality and all the different restaurants I travel to eat at around the world.

Below is an excerpt from the interview, which can be found in its full form here.

“The lack of activism and responsibility emanating from public figures in Bollywood is sorely lacking, which is why Julia has aimed to create a diverse and honest space to communicate that every single person is beautiful, and can be a model.

Her brand, an oxymoron in itself, This Model Eats A Lot has shared her insight into the toxicity of the modelling industry and the experiences that have shaped her journey and identity. She’s created an honest space as an activist who has shared some of the key controversies in the modelling and media industry, turning her online platform to an opportunity of sharing her dining and travel experiences.

As Julia has said herself: “One important part of body neutrality for me is not feeling the need to wear makeup 24/7 – I try to practice this as much as possible in YouTube episodes and Instagram stories to normalise how women look bare-faced and embracing our natural beauty with all its stretch marks, dark circles, pores, acne. Society has dictated that these regular human occurrences are something to be ashamed of and that the use of filters should be mandatory.”

Thank you for allowing my voice to be heard and my story to be shared!

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