cinnamon club

Only the cruelest twist of fate could ensure I’d encounter the most foodgasm-inducing Indian food I’ve tasted ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, on my last weekend in London.

The Cinnamon Club – enhanced by an atmosphere so grand, all you can do is gaze around flustered – sees you dine among colossal bookshelves of what was once the former Westminister Library (if you’re a booknerd like me, this is pretty much heaven).

Add achingly inventive dishes (rather than blatantly daft combinations in the name of ‘creativity’ as is done by a lot of restaurants nowadays) and I was audibly moaning with joy, which would have normally delighted my date, however he was in a similarly affected level of stupor.

cinnamon club

Pictured is the lamb #galouti kebab #millefeuille which was the only clear shot I managed to get, but in a TMEAL first, I’ve posted all the other blurry images of each knockout dish.
cinnamon club

Tandoori octopus (oh the char! the char!) with chutney potatoes, fennel and tomato lemongrass dressing.

cinnamon club
A non-spicy offering – and risotto laden with truffle cappuccino (if there were a last meal on earth, let it be this) and my least favorite, simply for the fact I don’t like the protein – tandoori venison with black stone flower reduction.

I was also warmed to see that for every dish ordered, Cinnamon Club donates 2 pounds to the Action Against Hunger #LoveFoodGiveFood campaign.

Chef Vivek Singh , Rakesh Nair and Cinnamon Club – THANKYOU for this memorable experience. And sorry for being the last one to leave!!

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