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I am jumping out of my seat with excitement to eat at The Sassy Spoon – an inimitably cute, Sex And The City-esque restaurant, which looks straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine.

A huge, hot pink spoon stencilled onto the wall reinforces the branding and unusual name of the restaurant.  The far wall is adorned, nay plastered, with framed art, cleverly concealing a door which leads to the outside should one wish to use the bathroom.

With a predominantly Barbie-esque hot pink and turquoise blue colour palette, this is just the kind of place I’d love to take the girls out for lunch, clad in a floral dress with a big bow in my hair.

The Sassy Spoon: Inside

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The drinks list is fairly basic – I ask to order a few of the more unusual cocktails such as the Ice Spice Martini, I am told that guanabana is out of stock.

I ask to order the Brazilian Fire Margarita, I am told that it is unpopular and always gets sent back. The waiter is well-meaning, but I feel he’s telling us to order what he likes.

I settle on a mocktail. The Very Berry Khatta turns up looking quite impressive – a garnish of pomegranate seeds, orange slices, lime and mulberries reclines on a bed of purple-coloured ice.

The surrounding liquid tastes not unlike Ribena with a hint of sour. Like the Kardashian family, the drink is sadly better in terms of looks than taste.

The Sassy Spoon: Mocktail

The entrée of Cajun spiced prawns turns up to say hi. The serving size is very small for the price, the plate appearing somewhat empty. The amount of bread served is also minimal.

In terms of taste however, the authenticity of the Cajun seasoning rings true and soaks into the neutral flavour of the bread in a rich, buttery teaser of what lies ahead. Chopped pieces of garlic predominantly mark the flavour of this dish and serve to whet the appetite.

With an excess of butter and oil, the dish is admittedly not the healthiest option available. Perhaps and extra hunk of bread and the addition of more jumbo prawns could have been used to ‘fill out’ the dish and make it look more visually appealing.

The Sassy Spoon: Entree prawns

I read from the menu ‘spiced baby lamb leg’ and my heart starts to pound. I envisage the dish arriving literally as I read it: on the bone, which would ensure the seldom-bestowed honor of tearing the meat off with my bare hands and teeth. Roar.

My face falls as an ‘easy’ dish is settled in front of me – the meat has been carved off the bone and is surrounded by so much gravy that it somewhat resembles Rogan Josh. The lamb is pleasingly soft and accentuated by the satisfyingly garlic-studded gravy which envelopes the slightly lemony potatoes.

The presence of roast cauliflower adds another neutral element to the entire dish, which comes across as hearty and comforting rather than dazzlingly innovative in terms of taste.

The Sassy Spoon: Lamb

The steak looks just like a football player: big, beefy and immense. I slice into the flesh and am pleased to see it is cooked as instructed, to medium.

The careful preparation of this dish is evident in the softness of the meat; this is one of the more sophisticated buffalo steaks I’ve been privy to in Mumbai.

The split tarragon and garlic jus is overtly sweet, so much so that it is almost akin to eating a dessert. The glazed carrots contribute a honeyed element to the existing sweetness which is cut by the thin potato gallette. The porcini crème brûlée seems somewhat redundant and does not hold my attention.

Yet somehow, due to its daring combination of flavours, this dish works.

The Sassy Spoon: Buffalo steak

The Sassy Spoon is a restaurant where, like very few others, small aesthetic details like decor, service and quality are observed beautifully: upon leaving, I was given a ‘goody bag’ of carefully wrapped, bite-sized pieces of chocolate cake.

The service is impeccable, staff are well-trained and knowledgable of each beverage and drink, more so than the average restaurant.

The niggling factors are the serving sizes along with exorbitant prices; most of the main courses average out to almost 1000 INR each after taxes, dishes in which the flavour and complexity of each dish does not justify the market price.

With many popular restaurants serving imported meat and that too at a lower cost than that offered at The Sassy Spoon, one does question if the restaurant is motivated by providing exceptional food or maintaining their profit margin.

Ambience 10, Food 8.

The Sassy Spoon is located at Ground Floor, Express Towers, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Nariman Point.

The Sassy Spoon: Logo

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