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bill and coo

Not long ago I was in Greece, which you all know I love dearly.

Years ago I’d seen a picture which stuck out in my head of all the beautiful pictures that one sees on social media on a daily basis. It was an illuminated, azure blue pool surrounded by lanterns. It looked like paradise on earth, and I was dying to know where it was.

Imagine my utter surprise years later, when I met up with my bestie in Mykonos and took her to dinner at what I’d heard was one of the top places. That’s right, my dream place turned out to be the outdoor area at Bill and Coo!

And yep, it was even more heavenly in real life.

bill and coo

bill and coo

We also took a photo with the scenery – just one as we wanted to enjoy the moment and not turn it into a posed photo shoot.

bill and coo

As we only get to meet once a year, I didn’t get to do a proper review of each dish. I did however take a few pictures and can tell you exactly what we ate!

Welcome bite at the entrance with the sphere of olive and the Bloody Mary of Greek salad
bill and coo

Amuse bouche with meatball covered in herbs, air baguette with spinach pie and feta cheese mousse
bill and coo Mushroom risotto with Bearnaise saucebill and coo

Red mullet stuffed with cured fish roe, mille feuille of celeriac and tomato and celeriac cream
bill and coo
Artichoke ravioli with summer truffle cream and fried egg in bread crumbs
bill and coo

Afterwards we snuggled under the blankets we were given under the stars, watching the sun set. Bestie-moon goals achieved!

Bill and Coo is located at Megali Ammos, Mykonos (Miconos) 846 00, Greece.

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