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Since the untimely demise of my favorite burger joint Burgs, a similar establishment has stood the test of time in popularity (and apparently, profit).

Between Breads is an unassuming little place tucked away on 16th rd, which has survived by good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. With the interiors literally taking on the shape of a burger, this bustling establishment is a non-vegetarian’s paradise (like a few places in Bandra) with a hefty menu comprising beef, pork, turkey, chicken and tuna.

Between Breads: Inside

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Let’s start with the basics, shall we? One beef cheeseburger please. On first bite it’s juicy and succulent, much better than I imagined. The combination of beef patty with grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, pickle and cheddar cheese comes together happily to produce a burger that is honest and pleasing to the palate.

There are small inaccuracies such as meat quality; the beef has the slightly harsh taste and hardness of buffalo (although they claimed it was in fact, cow) and cheese which appears to be processed (in my eyes, processed cheese should only be eaten by those under 10).

But overall, a decent burger and certainly cheaper than the Marriott burger.

Between Breads: Beef cheeseburger

The pork chili dog with beef chili, onions, jalapeno and pickle is certainly appetizing but for some reason does not pack a punch as described.

The sausage is tasty but could be thicker and meatier for the price; perhaps genuine German or Italian sausages could be used to up the ante. The beans in the chili are scarce and the potato chips served as an accompaniment are a stark reminder that yes, we are in fact not at an American diner.

I would love to see beef sausages just once in Mumbai. If anyone were to serve these, they’d automatically gain 5 points for uniqueness in my book.

Between Breads: Pork chilli dog

The chicken wings had so much sauce added to them that they came off as a curry, on one hand appropriately catering to the Indian market, however unconvincing as an American specialty.

This classic could have been more bona fide had they been served grilled, with an interesting assortment of dipping sauces, or even as buffalo wings, as pictured below.

Between Breads: Chicken wings
It must be noted that the bacon quality is superior – proper middle rashers available, with the star ingredient in a dish that should receive an award for its ingenuity – the bacon fries.

Best enjoyed dining in served hot, they lose their charm once they reach their destination, cold as a takeaway dish.

Between Breads: Bacon fries

The star of the show was the turkey sandwich with cream cheese and bacon on rye bread with crispy lettuce, onion, tomato with freshly crushed pepper. Like an orchestrated symphony, each and every flavour worked in harmony with each other; the turkey was fresh and each layer of topping was clearly discernable.

The pepper added the right amount of zing and I was pleased to see the establishment was generous with its ingredients.

Between Breads: Turkey sandwich

Between Breads has made a sincere effort to implement the look and taste of an American burger joint in an otherwise cramped space.

Even though tables are scarce, the ambience is lively with easy listening music from the 90’s playing all the old hits from your childhood.

Food scores 7/10 and ambience 7/10.

Between Breads is located at 2 Kalpitam Apartments opposite Hawaiian Shack, 16th Rd, Bandra West.

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