Doughnut Time Donuts Review

doughnut time

At TMEAL, we love great dessert, we love a good donut and we know you do too.

Here’s a few of our favorites from the good folks at Doughnut Time.

Flinders Treat
This limited edition donut is an ode to Melbourne’s iconic landmark main street.

It’s got coffee layered between sweet cream cheese, is sprinkled with Lavazza coffee beans with an espresso martini Tim Tam dunked on top and finally drizzled with caramel.

Can we say drool?

doughnut time

Freddie Mercury
As a tribute to the original rock king, Doughnut Time has brought out a blue glazed icing number topped with mini Freddo frogs.


doughnut time

Slim Shady
Ever enthusiastic with the pop culture references, this donut is a fun take on the Original Glaze dotted with millions of M&M’s.

I’ll take five, thanks.

doughnut time

Ferrero No Share
Sharing? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here we have a chocolate glazed doughnut topped with a single Ferrero Rocher and dressed in hazelnuts. 

doughnut time

Love At First Bite
Who doesn’t love Nutella?

Who doesn’t love a good donut? When you combine the two, magic happens.

Here we have a Cinnamon sugar offering filled to the brim with lusciously gooey Nutella.

doughnut time

Original Glaze
If at the end of the day you’re a traditional at heart, you can’t go past the Original Glaze.

I can eat a hundred of these and each bite is like the first time.

Gimme that!

doughnut time

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