the pointe

Brunch at The Pointe Restaurant at the luxurious Wickannish Inn, Tofino was as idyllic as it appears in the pictures.

This surfing hot spot is known to be one of the most scenic locations in British Columbia, with sunsets to die for. The newly-refurbished Wickannish Inn is the jewel of Tofino, and if you’re ever offered a chance to stay, take it.

It’s only natural then, that the establishment offers culinary experiences to boot and like many top fine dining restaurants, The Pointe Restaurant does not disappoint.

Along with excruciating attention to detail, the dining room at the Wickannish Inn features sprawling, panoramic views of the ocean, and an underground private dining room with an adjoining wine cellar.

In this episode, I decided to take the brunch option, however the dinner menu is known for its rich quality of produce utilising local ingredients from farmers in British Columbia and within Canada.

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Featured Image courtesy of The Pointe.

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