Expo Milano 2015

I was lucky enough to attend Expo Milano 2015, an absolute doozy of an event featuring intricately designed pavilions representing each country with an exhibition of art, film and sculpture to showcase the history of each nation, from Amsterdam to Sierra Leone.

In addition to this was – yep, you guessed it – a food showcase, encompassing an extremely high-end restaurant (some were Michelin – starred!) as well as street – stall style vendors indigenous to each nation, all proudly offering authentic cuisine.

You can imagine my hysteria. We spent 6.5 hours there (and about a zillion euros on food) and barely scratched the surface of the awesomeness that is Expo Milano 2015.

In order to penetrate all the flavours of this world, you’d need about 2 weeks of touring around the exhibition.

Check some fun expo pics of me going bonkers with joy, posing randomly and spilling tomato all over my dress.

Expo Milano 2015 is on until October so head over for your last chance to guzzle down some of the world’s best cuisine. And if you’ve missed it – make sure you’re free this time four years from now.





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